Custom ChatBots trained on your own documents and database!

Uservox help you build Chatbot for your users. The bot is trained over your own documents and database. Reduce your manual support requests by upto 80%.

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Train your chatbot with existing resources

Build powerful chatGPT over your own data

  • Add data from multiple sources like PDFs, Notion, Website URLs
  • Integrate with other platforms like ticketing systems and support center software
  • Connect with your database for more involved queries

Successfully retain your users with minimal manual effort

  • Embed as a search bar or popover chat
  • Resolve support tickets in real time
  • Reduce support queries by upto 80%
  • Grow your happy customer base

Uservox Features Summary

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Upload sheet or CSV for your data

Quickly upload your data in CSVs

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Upload PDFs

Create actionables on data lying in PDFs

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Build interactive Q&As

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